Victorian Feed-In Tariff Schemes

Feed-in tariffs provide people producing their own renewable energy with a financial return for the excess power they feed into the grid.

New customers can apply for the feed-in tariff of a minimum of 8 cents for 2013, which is available to households, community organisations and businesses who install sustainable energy systems less than 100 kilowatts in size.

If you already have a feed-in tariff being credited to your power bill, you will continue to receive this rate until the end date for your scheme. Conditions apply, and you should read more about remaining eligible for your scheme on this website.

Customers accessing the Transitional Feed-in Tariff (closed on 31 December 2012) and the Premium Feed-in Tariff (closed on 29 December 2011) are reminded that any additional panels added to their systems after the scheme closure dates will forfeit their access to the respective scheme.

Please note that the Department of Primary Industries does not hold or maintain a register of individual feed-in tariff customers. This information is held by your electricity retailer and electricity distributor. If you have any concerns about your current status under either the Transitional or Premium Feed-in Tariff schemes you should check with your electricity retailer as a first point of call.

  • Learn more about the feed-in tariff for new applicants. The current feed-in tariff offers a minimum of 8 cents for 2013 for new customers and is available to customers installing solar and other eligible forms of renewable energy.
  • What's involved in going solar. Installing solar is a big investment and it can be a complex process. Advice and step by step information provided here can help.
  • Closed feed-in tariff schemes. Existing Premium, Standard and Transitional Feed-in Tariff customers will continue to receive their tariff until the scheduled end date of the scheme. Conditions apply.
  • Feed-in tariff email updates. If you’re interested in updates on any changes to feed-in tariffs or information to help with going solar, please subscribe to DPI's email updates.
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